Product Partnerships (PPL) and Voyc are Taking Compliance Measures to New Heights

Logos of voyc and PPL in colour blocks

Product Partnerships (PPL) UK, a prominent player in the consumer credit industry, has entered a strategic partnership with Voyc – a leading AI call compliance monitoring software solution.


PPL provides outsourced compliance services to retail clients who utilise consumer credit products to sell their goods and services through B2C channels. Their primary goal is to enhance regulatory well-being and adherence for both their clients and Appointed Representatives. PPL strives to optimise compliance practices so that their clients can focus on delivering exceptional products and services to consumers.

After the successful implementation of Voyc’s cutting-edge AI call compliance solutions to monitor their ARs’ calls, Voyc is proud to be recommended by PPL to their directly authorised clients. This collaborative effort solidifies compliance measures in preparation for the upcoming Consumer Duty.

​​”This partnership with Voyc marks an exciting milestone for us as we continue to enhance our retail compliance solutions,” said Phillip Garlick, Managing Director of Product Partnerships Limited. “Voyc’s AI technology aligns perfectly with our mission of improving our clients’ regulatory health. Their solution effectively identifies customer calls with compliance issues that require attention. By flagging these calls, our retail clients can promptly address the issues and ensure consistent and fair treatment of their customers.”

“We are proud to collaborate with Product Partnerships in improving compliance in customer interactions for their retail clients,” said Matthew Westaway, Co-founder and CEO at Voyc. “By integrating Voyc’s AI technology with PPL’s profound knowledge of retail compliance, we empower businesses to ensure regulatory adherence and protect customers with vulnerable characteristics, ultimately fostering trust and confidence in the industry.”


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