Near-realtime compliance alerts

Your customers are telling you more than what you are capturing. Voyc’s monitoring gives you full visibility into your customers, so you can be alerted and catch issues before they become crises.

Leverage Voyc's pre-set Alerts

Leveraging the power of AI, Voyc has defined off-the-shelf Alerts that will help you identify Vulnerable Customers and Objections right from the start.

Create Custom Alert Queries

Finding the right answer to your errors starts with querying the right data effectively!

Alert. Assess. Action.

With Voyc’s monitoring system, the right people are Alerted via email to go and Assess the alert. Once assessed, Voyc allows for further Action to be taken using our Alerts Workflow.
Identifying vulnerable customers

Listen to the Right Person

Using our speaker diarisation algorithm, Voyc is able to trigger alerts for specific words or phrases used the Agent, the Customer or both.

Supercharge your monitoring with advanced search

Use Voyc’s powerful, scalable search to identify trends in keywords or phrases of interest. Voyc’s advanced searching and filtering returns results in seconds and allows you to take the necessary action immediately.