What is Monitored by Voyc?

Voyc monitors customer interactions for financial services companies. Therefore, Monitored by Voyc Trustmark is a stamp of excellence that recognises companies who go the extra mile to ensure their customers receive exceptional service when interacting with the contact centres. 

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Monitored by Voyc

The Story

Consumer trust for financial services companies is low. According to KPMG, 46% of consumers do not trust their insurers. This mistrust is fueled by consumers feeling unheard and their concerns not being addressed. 

This has made it imperative for companies to monitor 100% of customer interactions. However, most companies only manage to monitor 5%. Monitored by Voyc aims to celebrate exceptional companies that go above and beyond by automatically monitoring their customer calls making sure each customer’s voice is heard. Voyc is the first in the industry to launch a standard that ensures every interaction is treated with consistency & care.

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How to be Monitored by Voyc

The Monitored by Voyc Trustmark is a symbol of trust, helping consumers call with confidence and financial services companies demonstrate that they consistently strive to deliver positive customer outcomes.

Criteria for a financial services company to be Monitored by Voyc.
The company must:

Voyc consistency in operating excellence

Monitored by Voyc helps consumers make more informed decisions as to which financial service provider to trust. 


It is difficult for financial services companies to demonstrate that they are handling interactions with consistency and care. 

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