Assist Insurance: customer story

“Consider Voyc as a proactive friend; a proactive quality check for a business…It will stop your quality challenges and stop errors.”

– Steve Leech, Managing Director, Assist Insurance Services

About client

Assist Insurance Services is a leading UK insurance provider. It offers protection for customers’ leisure and lifestyle possessions, ranging from holiday homes and park homes to private boats and watercraft. Over the years, growth has been rapid – with an established reputation as a family-run business that delivers outstanding levels of customer service and value.

The Challenge

Before Voyc, Assist relied on a traditional Quality Assessing method, where the QA team manually listened and scored customer calls. However, with rapid growth in the business, alongside the introduction of tighter regulatory guidelines, such as the Consumer Duty, several challenges emerged:

The Solution

The Assist team carefully outlined key requirements to address their challenges, ultimately leading them to seek a call monitoring solution that could provide the following:

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The Results

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Improved operational efficiency and productivity

  • 100% of customer calls are now monitored, compared to the 3-5% manually monitored previously.
  • Call monitoring speed has been accelerated: 16 hours of work reduced to just 40 minutes.
  • Feedback is delivered to operational areas within hours rather than days, allowing prompt action.
  • The need for time consuming listening to call recordings has been eliminated, allowing the QA team and manager to focus on more value-adding activities.
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Compliance and customer care

  • Voyc automatically identifies interactions that fail to meet regulatory compliance standards, and alerts users (supervisors and the quality assurance team) of calls that need further review and remediation. 
  • Vulnerability alerts are now being raised when vulnerability signs are present in calls, ensuring Assist customers always receive adequate support and care. 
  • Overall compliance pass rates have increased from 94% to 97%
  • Overall call quality scores have increased from 86% to 97%
  • Essential reporting and management information (MI) is now readily available for the regulator.
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Training and coaching

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly Voyc reports offer actionable insights on individual agent performance and overall team trends.
  • Less time reviewing calls means the QA team can coach agents more effectively, an improvement from the manual process of assessing one call per agent each week.
  • The turnaround time for training new telephone agents has significantly improved.
  • Voyc monitors and tracks periods of dead air during calls, leading to better training, improved agent performance, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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