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“Voyc enables us to drive operational quality that’s as good as it can possibly be …”

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About client

Personal Group is a leading provider of consultancy, benefits, and technology services aimed at enhancing employee health, well-being, and engagement. Personal Group’s protection business serves UK clients, including national enterprises and public sector organizations representing up to 1.4 million employees.

The Challenge

Before Voyc, Personal Group relied on traditional methods to monitor productivity and quality of sales interactions, with a limited capacity to review recordings.

The Solution

Personal Group sought an automated solution that could scale up with their growth plans and provide detailed data analysis and reporting capabilities.

After a rigorous selection process, they chose Voyc to monitor and support 100% of customer interactions across the insurance sales team.

Voyc’s ability to deliver quality conversation monitoring, identify areas for improvement, and drive operational excellence aligned with Personal Group’s objectives.

Voyc’s responsive approach and commitment to meeting Personal Group’s specific goals were key factors in the decision.

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The Results

Operational efficiency and productivity

  • Voyc now monitors 100% of interactions, and raises an immediate alert every time it identifies an apparent fault, breach or other potential issue. It allows the Quality Monitoring Team to identify and address issues in real-time, resulting in significantly higher issue resolution.
  • Detailed insights into performance levels and outcomes have led to time savings and focused continuous improvement efforts.
  • Managers can apply more attention to delivering ongoing operational excellence, resulting in increased productivity.
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Compliance Quality and Sales Effectiveness

  • Voyc has helped deliver greatly improved compliance scores, demonstrating Personal Group’s commitment to regulatory requirements.
  • Overall quality score rose from 92% to 96%, and compliance score improved from 92.38% to 98.71%.
  • Sales conversion rate increased by 10.46% over the same period.

Ensuring care for vulnerable customers

  • Voyc alerts about interactions that indicate customer vulnerability, enabling swift corrective actions and additional support.
  • Personal Group can avoid missing important customer needs and provide enhanced customer care and support.
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Coaching and Performance Management

  • Voyc’s detailed analysis of interactions allows for fair assessment of employees’ performance. 
  • Personal Group already uses Voyc as a formal and important part of the agents’ coaching and performance management processes, helping drive individual success and skill development.

Client experience

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