Ensuring Consistent Quality and Successful Call Outcomes in your Contact Centre.

Conversation Intelligence Software for Financial Services Firms

  • Automatically monitors 100% of interactions (95% better than manual processes)

  • In-depth reviews of conversation content – including vulnerable customer calls 

  • Raises instant alerts for immediate action where necessary

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Conversation Intelligence

What is contact centre conversation intelligence software?

Contact Centre Intelligence Software automatically monitors the interactions between call centre agents and the customers they communicate with.

It reviews in detail the content delivered by every agent, as well as the customer’s response and ongoing dialogue in the call – including “soft” factors such as the level of the agent’s empathy and the overall sentiment of the conversation.

Conversation Intelligence Software monitors 100% of interactions – a vast improvement on the 2-5% typically achieved by manual monitoring methods.

Conversation Intelligence

Why is conversation intelligence important?

The interactions that take place in contact centres across industries of all kinds are crucial to successful operations and customer outcomes – whether focused on sales, service, complaints, or any other business area. 

This means that effective Conversation Intelligence is vitally important too – to support quality, consistency and care in every customer interaction.

What’s more, Conversation Intelligence can also help firms build a deeper understanding of their customer base and the experience delivered.  This includes identifying vulnerable customers and ensuring that they are handled fairly in every case.

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Conversation Intelligence

How does contact centre conversation intelligence software work?

The software effectively “listens” in detail to every contact/call centre interaction to which it is applied. 

It can be configured to monitor conversations against the firm’s specific requirements for each type of call.  If the call should follow a discussion guide or script, the software assesses it accordingly – and can send an instant alert to any designated department or person should there be any omission of mandatory wordings or other issues in the call that might need action.

Through monitoring 100% of interactions, the software also generates comprehensive insight and data for internal reporting and continuous operational improvement.

Conversation Intelligence

Better customer experience

Conversation Intelligence Software lets you build continuous improvement into the customer experience your contact centre delivers.  It highlights words and phrases that your agents should include in calls to support good customer outcomes – and which to avoid. 

For example, a recent Voyc analysis identified a range of phrases underpinning empathy and positive sentiment that can boost outcomes for customers in financial difficulty.

Real Time Analytics
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Conversation Intelligence

Higher operational efficiency

Improved operational efficiency is a major benefit, delivering robust and fully measurable results. 

Conversation Intelligence Software immediately spots and highlights issues that could otherwise quickly become expensive and time-consuming.  Instant alerts allow team leaders to react positively before an error becomes a formal complaint – or even a threat to your firm’s reputation.

Conversation Intelligence

Deeper customer insight

Through monitoring 100% of customer interactions in the contact centre, Conversation Intelligence Software can deliver comprehensive feedback, data and reports to help boost your customer knowledge and understanding. 

At Voyc, we also help our clients build benchmarking studies to understand their performance relative to industry peer groups. 

Such detailed insight can be invaluable in strategic and operational planning, governance and regulatory reporting  – as well as ongoing management of contact centre sales teams.

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