Momentum Life: customer story

Happier customers, more successful contact centre agents – and a 22% drop in regulatory complaints in year one

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About client

Momentum Life operates a network of four contact centres in South Africa, with 234 agents handling approximately 30.000 calls every month. They’ve been working with Voyc since 2020. 

The Challenge

Momentum Life’s management were aware of various issues that called for improvement in their contact centres:

The Solution

Momentum Life engaged Voyc to monitor 100% of calls, initially in one of their contact centres. 

Voyc uses artificial intelligence to identify critical keywords and phrases in customer calls. Alerts are then delivered to the management team automatically, whenever an issue of concern is identified.

The company has now applied the Voyc solution to four additional contact centres, following outstanding results in the first year.

Client experience

The Results

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Happier customers

As soon as Voyc spots a critical keyword or phrase in a call, it sends an alert to team members designated to deal with that kind of issue. 

By reacting swiftly to these alerts, Momentum Life prevents dissatisfaction from escalating into serious complaints. As a result, they’ve seen a significant improvement in “Voice of Customer” ratings across the contact centre.

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More successful agents

In addition to highlighting specific calls requiring attention and response, Voyc alerts also indicate which agents require coaching and in which particular areas of call handling.

For Momentum Life, script adherence rates increased from 76% to 85% year on year. And rates for the lowest-performing agents improved dramatically from a low of 67% up to 83%.

Voyc pinpoints every call, and even the exact place within the call, that is of concern. This means that Momentum Life can now coach agents much more effectively – listening to examples that are precisely relevant to the agent in every case.

The company has found that agents respond well to this approach – and take pride in seeing how Voyc helps improve their performance and personal success.

Lower complaints with Voyc

Lower complaints

Momentum Life team was delighted to see a year one fall of 22% in the volume of complaints escalated to the Ombudsman as a direct result of implementing Voyc.

By responding to Voyc alerts without delay and using the insight the alerts deliver to coach agents effectively, many customer concerns were successfully dealt with before being escalated further. Clearly, this also supports customer satisfaction and retention – in addition to impressing the regulator.

What’s more, social media complaints relating to the first Momentum Life contact centre to use Voyc have fallen by 27% over the past two years.

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