Exciting partnership: Advantage Finance Teams Up with Voyc to Supercharge CX and Compliance

Voyc and Advantage logos

Lincolnshire, UK – Advantage Finance, a people first vehicle finance company in the UK, has announced its partnership with Voyc, a leading AI call compliance monitoring software solution. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize the way Advantage delivers customer service and call compliance monitoring to its valued customers.


With Voyc, Advantage can ensure that 100% of its customer calls are carefully and consistently checked for quality, accuracy, and fairness. This helps Advantage meet not only their own high standards for customer support but also the demanding requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s financial services regulator.


Whenever the Voyc solution “hears” anything in any call that suggests the Advantage standards are not being met, that part of the call is instantly raised as an alert to one of Advantage’s team members. This gives added ability to support service excellence and resolve any issues that customers might have – immediately.


In addition, the detailed analysis added enables Advantage to demonstrate that they satisfy all the requirements of the regulator, which are designed to ensure the highest standards of protection, for customers and all stakeholders. By partnering with Voyc, Advantage reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional customer service while ensuring compliance with the regulations.

“Advantage Finance is proud to be the first in the industry to partner with Voyc and utilize their system to enhance our commitment to exceptional customer experiences,” says Graham Wheeler, CEO of Advantage Finance. “Voyc’s system instantly identifies any issues that require further attention, including those related to customers with unique circumstances that require additional care and support. This partnership allows us to continue to deliver market-leading value and individualized service, cementing our position as a trusted provider in the industry.”


Matthew Westaway, CEO & Co-founder of Voyc says: “We are incredibly proud to work with the Advantage Finance team that consistently treats their customers with care, and we feel our values are very aligned. With Voyc’s advanced monitoring and analytics capabilities, we are confident that Advantage will continue to set the customer care standard in the vehicle finance industry, and we look forward to supporting them in this endeavor.”

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