The Future of AI Agents:
A Voyc Episode

Step into the world of AI Agents with Voyc’s experts – Matthew Westway, our CEO and Co-founder; George Sithole, the Lead Data Scientist; and Chays van Deventer, Senior Operations Manager. 

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About this episode

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The podcast can help operations leaders gain invaluable insights into:

  • Mitigating Risks of Single Point of Failure

Discover strategies to minimise the impact of a single AI Agent error on a large customer base. Learn the importance of anticipating worst-case scenarios and implementing effective mitigation measures.

  • Ensuring Compliance in AI Agents

Gain insights into functions like assessing call quality, adherence to scripts, and sentiment analysis. Implement smart ways to manage compliance through quality teams and monitoring solutions.

  • Balancing AI and Human Agents

Explore the benefits of a human-in-the-loop approach, with AI handling most tasks. Understand the significance of customising the experience for each client, ensuring a unique and personalised interaction.

  • Identifying Trust-Building Challenges with AI

Identify challenges related to trust-building with AI agents. Learn strategies to address the potential loss of personalisation and storytelling in AI interactions.

  • Effective Implementation of Safeguards

Understand the importance of safeguards in AI Agents implementations. Gain insights into determining responsibility for designing safeguards and mitigating risks for client and company safety.

  • Providing a Roadmap for AI Integration

Uncover essential steps and strategies for contact centres to harness the transformative power of AI. Receive a roadmap for enhancing customer service, streamlining operations, and seamlessly transitioning into the future of AI integration.

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About Voyc

Compliance Monitoring

Mitigate AI Agents risks with compliance monitoring software

Voyc is a vital tool for regulated firms, aligning with increasing consumer protection focus. It ensures compliance in 100% of customer interactions – from the largest contact centres to small customer-facing teams. Use Voyc to mitigate risks of Single Point of Failure, and manage AI Agent compliance effectively, ensuring quality and consistency in every customer interaction.

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Conversation Intelligence

Monitor call quality for operational excellence

Voyc monitors 100% of interactions, swiftly identifying high-risk cases. Utilise Voyc’s robust workflows to translate insights into actions. Ensure AI Agent compliance by assessing call quality, script adherence, and sentiment. Implement intelligent strategies for compliance management with Voyc monitoring solutions.

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