15 emerging technologies for contact centres 2024

Every year, advances in technology open up different ways to revolutionise our lives.

The Voyc team wanted to explore the potential of emerging technologies for our clients in UK financial services contact centers.

We conducted a thorough analysis of all tech trends for 2024 and compiled this checklist for you.

Emerging technologies for contact centres

Why download the Emerging Technology checklist?

Whether you’re managing large multi-site contact centres or smaller specialised teams, delivering exceptional customer experiences is key to success.


Yet, you’re also tasked with navigating various external factors:


  • The rapid growth of digital customer contact channels and the demand for seamless service across all channels.


  • Increasing regulatory pressure to ensure fair treatment of customers.


  • Shifting demographics leading to a focus on elderly and vulnerable customers.


  • Rising competition for customer acquisition.


What will you find valuable in the Emerging Technology checklist?

  • Learn about 15 of the latest technologies crucial for operational leaders in 2024, such as Conversation intelligence technology, Customer journey software, and Virtual assistants.


  • Gain insights into 8 key areas of your business where these technologies can add value.


  • Discover how to leverage technology within these areas to enhance and personalise the customer experience.


  • Access an all-in-one checklist for each technology, outlining its features, and potential value for your business.
Emerging tech

Download for a detailed overview of all tech trends for contact centres, including AI Agents, LLMs, Predictive Analytics, and more

What are some of the emerging technologies that you can expect to learn about?

Conversation intelligence technology

Monitors and analyses 100% of interactions in contact centres to derive insights.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Advanced AI systems able to summarise, interpret, and analyse agent/customer interactions.

AI agents

Virtual agents capable of efficiently handling high volumes of routine interactions.

Fraud detection software

Identifies and alerts users to likely fraudulent activity by observing anomalies in agent-customer interactions.

About Voyc

What does Voyc do?

Voyc is an AI-powered conversation intelligence and compliance monitoring solution tailored for continuous improvement in customer-facing operations.


Utisling cutting-edge AI and Large Language Model (LLM) technology, Voyc monitors 100% of your customer interactions.


Voyc tailors its solution to align closely with their customers objectives, utilising features like agent quality score dashboards, vulnerability alerts, compliance scores, scripts, reporting, and coaching workflows.

Need Proof?

advantage finance logo

Client Case Study: Advantage Finance

  • 100% of customer calls are now automatically monitored, a substantial increase from the previous 1-2% calls manually monitored across collections, support, and sales.
  • The QA team has increased the number of calls on which they provide feedback to agents by over 600%.
  • The need to listen to entire call recordings has been eliminated, saving significant time for QA agents and managers.
  • The integration of Voyc has helped mitigate operational risk by acting as a secondary defence alongside the existing security systems.

Client experience

What are some of the areas these technologies add value to your business?

Boosting Revenue

The better you know your customers, the better your contact centre agents can communicate with them as individuals – boosting sales, retention and customer loyalty.

Reducing Costs

Technological advancements enable businesses to perform tasks more affordably or introduce new ways of working at a fraction of past expenses.

Improving Customer Service

 Emerging technologies offer competitive advantages in delivering higher levels of care and support through contact centres, vital for success in financial services.

 Enhancing Security

The utmost importance in 2024 for the financial services industry lies in safeguarding customers’ data and financial assets.

Client experience

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The Emerging Technology checklist provides all necessary information to stay informed on the latest tech trends for contact centre success.
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  • Explore the upcoming technological advancements tailored for financial services contact centres in 2024.
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  • Gain insight on how to effectively harness these emerging technologies to elevate your business
  • Find out how Voyc’s Conversation intelligence technology can support your business across its entire operations.
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