Monitor 100% of Customer Interactions and Demonstrate Evidence of Compliance

Voyc is a leading AI-powered conversation intelligence & compliance monitoring software created specifically for financial services. 

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Why do you need Voyc Call Monitoring and Conversation Intelligence?

In the face of increasing regulatory pressure and consumer distrust, it becomes more imperative for financial services companies to monitor 100% of customer interactions.

  • Monitor 100% of all interactions
  • Experience 30% reduction in QA costs
  • While achieving 99% in compliance scores.


It's an all too familiar challenge...

Meet John, a CEO of a financial firm that faces a huge compliance problem.

At any day a regulator can come knocking on their door to check if there’s been any misselling to customers, mistreatment of customers or a poor customer service.

So John hires Quality Assessors. But the QA team only manages to manually monitor up to 5% of customer interactions, leaving 95% of interactions unchecked

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We help individuals such as John and his QA team to unlock a massive advantage. John can now rest assured knowing that 100% of interactions are monitored.

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How Voyc Call Monitoring & Conversation Intelligence works

  • Automated scoring of customer calls 
  • Rank and prioritisation of high risk calls
  • Real-time alerts & workflow triggers
  • MI reports to demonstrate compliance


Clearly see how to improve your business performance with risk and performance insights from 100% of your customer interactions in one easy to use platform.

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Why do our customers continue to choose us?

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Our strong compliance focus ensures Superior Accuracy


We offer a self-managed, easy to configure system with Swift Problem Identification

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We embed our software into companies’ workflows to support operational efficiency

Need Proof?

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Client Case Study: Advantage Finance

  • 100% of customer calls are now automatically monitored, a substantial increase from the previous 1-2% calls manually monitored across collections, support, and sales.
  • The QA team has increased the number of calls on which they provide feedback to agents by over 600%.
  • The need to listen to entire call recordings has been eliminated, saving significant time for QA agents and managers.
  • The integration of Voyc has helped mitigate operational risk by acting as a secondary defence alongside the existing security systems.

Client experience

Client experience

What sets Voyc apart


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Voyc is an easy-to-set-up, full cloud solution. You can be up and running in just one day.

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Our security is built from the ground up and complies with privacy laws and ordinances. Our encryption capabilities protect your customer and company data.

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Voyc is a leading AI-powered Conversation Intelligence and Compliance Monitoring solution.

Voyc is trusted by listed companies and small brokers alike in credit, collection, protection, pensions, investments and mortgages.

  • Move from 1% to 100% of calls monitored

  • Identify high risk customers and interactions

  • Provide evidence of good customer outcomes

  • Identify call handling errors & omissions promptly

  • Use mandatory phrases to confirm customer understanding &
    mitigate risks
  • Improve coaching and close training gaps

  • Deliver detailed proof of Consumer Duty compliance to FCA with Voyc’s MI reports