From the Voyc of your customers to you

The launch of Voyc’s brand in July 2020 coincides with their expansion from a tech startup to fully-fledged international business.


“If brands can be brought to life like any living legal entity, eventually a brand needs to start thinking and portraying themselves more professionally, both in the presence of their potential clients and their competitors to establish a distinctive brand”, a viewpoint shared with us by our design partner Nic Primich.


The team at Voyc have been hard at work during the 2020 international lockdown period, taking the opportunity to establish their brand before stepping into the arena of international business. “We have been considering our brand launch for some time but, the day to day challenges of launching a startup into a fully-fledged international offering, means it’s hard to find hours in a day for everything,” explains Matthew Westaway, co-founder & CEO at Voyc.


Matthew continues, “We wanted to create a brand with a strong logomark that speaks to our mission of ensuring fair treatment of companies and customers while highlighting the importance of the role of the Quality Assurance Professionals”.


After a fully collaborative branding exercise involving numerous sketches, we arrived at our vibrant new identity. It’s clean, minimal, ageless, fun yet sophisticated, positive, modern with longevity and above all, aspirational. Inspired by the hidden arrow within the FedEx logo, we took the first letter of our company and worked the verification tick into our letter “v”. The result is a strong, flexible logomark that allows us to adapt our tone of voice per corporate market and per individual.


With Voyc, companies can monitor 100% of their call center calls and alert risk & compliance leaders within minutes of potential risk – for example, an insurance agent not mentioning the FAIS disclosure or an unsatisfied customer threatening to go to the media.


Lethabo Motsoaledi, co-founder & CTO at Voyc says, “Voyc is enabling Quality Assurance Professionals to have a superpower. The role of a QA person in an organisation is to simultaneously stop the mistreatment of customers and of the company. Voyc is enabling QA teams to go through every single interaction – something that was previously impossible. It is our company’s value and mission to make sure customers and companies are treated fairly. We want businesses to know that if anything wrong happens in their call center, Voyc’s superpowers will catch it.”


We are continuously evolving and our aspiration is to become the unsung hero of exceptional customer experience. Silently operating behind the scenes, Voyc gives businesses the confidence of knowing they can maintain a high service standard, and customers the satisfaction of knowing that Voyc is listening to ensure the voice of the customer is truly heard.


Voyc is already in operation in over a dozen financial institutions, including 1Life Insurance, Bryte Insurance, and Momentum. These and other blue-chip companies are using Voyc to monitor and improve their call center quality assurance and agent performance. Backed by Techstars, Voyc’s headquarters is in Amsterdam with offices in Cape Town.


What Voyc offers:


1. Integrations. Enable companies to integrate seamlessly into their call centres with a one-click setup.


2. Ease of use. Offer a stellar self-service user experience for QA managers, analysts, team leaders, and agents.


3. Bank-grade security. Ensure the highest levels of data protection & security. Voyc is GDPR compliant and undergoes bi-annual penetration testing by F-Secure & Momentum.


4. Better customer experience. Identify conversational insights, trends & sentiment instantly with no prior work.


5. Lowered Risk. Provide a 10X QA Automation which automatically scores calls for script adherence & flags organisational and regulatory risk and,


6. Improved agent performance. Evaluate agents with automated agent evaluations and give targeted feedback and coaching to improve quality and sales/service performance.


For more information about Voyc and its comprehensive call centre quality assurance technology, visit our website.

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