Talk of the trade: Conversation intelligence vs. Conversational intelligence in customer interactions

conversation intelligence in customer interactions

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of communication technology, two terms continue to emerge in roundtable discussions and boardroom deliberations: “Conversation Intelligence” and “Conversational Intelligence.” At first glance, they may appear interchangeable, but in reality, they carry distinct differences that greatly  influence how businesses interact with their customers.   This article aims to explore these differences. […]

Call Quality Monitoring Best Practices for Contact Centre Excellence

call quality monitoring best practices Voyc

Managing a contact centre or even a smaller customer-facing team can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to maintaining high-quality customer interactions. You’re tasked with balancing customer service and customer satisfaction, as well as driving operational excellence and aligning with overall business goals.   Now, consider this: 68% of consumers say they are […]

How Conversation Intelligence is Revolutionising the Auto Industry

Conversation Intelligence in the auto industry

Discover how Conversation Intelligence is revolutionising communication in the automotive industry and learn how you can harness its power to transform your customer interactions. With Conversation Intelligence, you’re not just adapting; you’re leading the way in customer experience and service excellence.   Imagine a world where customer-facing agents in the automotive industry, don’t just respond […]

We Finance Any Car Partners with Voyc to Demonstrate Their Excellent Service

We Finance Any Car Partners with Voyc

We Finance Any Car, a dedicated motor finance credit broker, has entered an exciting partnership with Voyc, leading AI-powered Conversation Intelligence and Compliance Monitoring software solution.   We Finance Any Car’s mission is clear: to simplify and broaden access to car financing. By collaborating with Voyc, they extend their commitment to transparency and integrity across […]

18 Conversation Intelligence Best Practices for Sharper Contact Centre Insights

Call centre agent providing conversation intelligence

Ready to unlock your contact centre team’s potential with conversation intelligence? We have gathered 18 best practices for using automation to enhance customer experiences and achieve high-value business targets. Customers stick around and spread the word when they’re happy. That’s what every business needs to keep the gears in motion and success at hand. So […]